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Thaw - Freedom from Frozen Feelings

This first book in the Thawing the Iceberg series outlines the wounding process experienced by those who were raised in a less-than-nurturing family and how those emotional wounds show up in various personal/interpersonal problems in adulthood.
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Thawing Childhood Abandonment Issues

is an “Inner Child” focused, step-by-step approach for grieving abandonment issues and healing the unfinished business of childhood.Since the wounds of unmet childhood needs are emotional in nature, recovery from these wounds needs a healing process emotional in nature.

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Thawing Adult/Child Syndrome

is a “here-and-now” focused approach for identifying & healing the subconscious programming or “Life Script” of one who grew up in a less-than-nurturing family. If you repeat patterns that cause problems in your life, then wonder “Why do I do that?” or “Why am I like this?” this book & workbook is for you!

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Thawing Toxic Relationships

is a book about healing and co-creating healthy, functional relationships for those who grew up in a dysfunctional family. If you relate to this website and would like to have a genuinely happy and functional relationship then this book is for you!

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