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 Alpha Brainwave Entrainment for Meditation, Relaxation, Memory Improvement and More!

Alpha brain wave activity is generally associated with relaxed wakefulness, and alpha states are commonly described as tranquil and pleasant- sometimes accompanied by a “floating” feeling. Alpha frequencies are also indicative of a creative state of mind where free association is prominent. Alpha waves appear immediately and spread throughout the cortex when you close your eyes, which is part of the relaxation process leading to sleep. Another interesting source of insight into the significance of alpha brain waves comes from extensive research that has found alpha to be a dominant wave length in the EEG scans of those who are actively meditating, and experiencing calm yet lucid, and sometimes “blissful” mental states, with minimal interruptive mental activity.

Transparent Corp is known for being a pioneer in software for creating brainwave entrainment, brainwave hypnosis, and brainwave meditation programs. That’s why it is the only software we use in creation of our own brainwave entrainment programs. This brainwave infographic covers the delta level brainwave activity. When you are finished reading click the Infographic or the image below to learn more and get a free trial of the Neuro-programmer 3 Software!

Source: Alpha Brain Waves – An Infographic


(Disclosure: Serenity Creations Estore is an affiliate of Transparent Corporation and receives a commission for referrals.)


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