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Brainwave Meditation

brainwave imageThis page is all about brainwave meditation and various approaches to the use of brainwave entrainment technology to train your brain to produce the full range of brainwave activity. Basically there is a range of brainwave activity from low activity (delta) to high activity (beta). Middle high (alpha) and middle low (theta) brainwave activity are the other two general on that continuum. There are other demarcations on the full range such as sensory motor rhythms (between alpha and beta) but we will explore those in some of the blog posts you will find here.

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We only need to keep our goals and the following range of brainwave activity in mind as we select our brainwave meditation program:

  • Beta: lots of brainwave activity. Beta is the range of activity good for focus, concentration, memory and other higher level functions of the brain. This makes it ideal for improvement in study habits, getting things done, and being able to focus your attention. Learn More…
  • Alpha: This is the range of activity that is ideal for mental programming such as visualization and affirmation work. In alpha brainwave meditation one can experience deep levels of relaxation and effortless awareness while still in a waking state. Some call it the twilight zone. Learn More…
  • Theta: This is deep relaxation to the point of REM sleep. Sometimes there is an awareness of the sounds, music, words, with a general desire to stay in this relaxing state. Other times the person experiencing theta brainwave activity may lose track of conscious thought and enter the dream-like state or somnambulistic trance. This is ideal for the delivery of hypnotic suggestions and affirmations because subconscious receptivity is heightened due to the absence of critical factors in wakeful, alert thought. Learn More…
  • Delta: This is the deepest level of brainwave activity where even the subconscious can take a rest (all but the visceral functions that keep us alive). This is the ideal level of activity for healing and restoration of the mind and body. Some say 10 minutes of deep delta is equivalent to several hours of restful sleep! Talk about your power nap! Learn More…

In order to be effective, brainwave meditations need to be experienced in a relaxed and quiet atmosphere. Because of this, headphones and a comfortable position is ideal. In fact, certain types of brainwave entrainment technology, such as binaural beats, actually requires headphone to work at all because one beat is delivered into one ear, another beat into the other ear causing the two hemispheres of the brain to mix or merge the tones into another brand new target tone created by the brain.

Below You will find links to the majority of our brainwave meditations. (Click on the links to preview the audios.)

BrainWave Rhythms I

Medicine Dance (Download)

Medicine Dance (Compact Disc)

Symphony of Healing (Download)

Symphony of Healing (Compact Disc)

Whispers in Paradise (Download)

Whispers in Paradise (Compact Disc)

2010 Space Odyssey (Download)

2010 Space Odyssey (Compact Disc)

Wake-Up & Focus (Download)

Wake-Up & Focus (Compact Disc)

High Country (Download)

High Country (Compact Disc)

Rainy Day Meditation (Download)

Rainy Day Meditation (Compact Disc)

Get the Entire Series (Downloads)

Get the Entire Series on CD (Compact Disc)


BrainWave Rhythms II

Deep Sleep (Download)

Deep Sleep (Compact Disc)

Energizer 1 (Download)

Energizer 1 (Compact Disc)

Energizer 2 (Download)

Energizer 2 (Compact Disc)

Motivator 1 (Download)

Motivator 1 (Compact Disc)

Motivator 2 (Download)

Motivator 2 (Compact Disc)

Peak Performance (Download)

Peak Performance (Compact Disc)

Prep to Perform (Download)

Prep to Perform (Compact Disc)

Stormy Night-Theta (Download)

Stormy Night-Theta (Compact Disc)

Forest Lake-Delta (Download)

Forest Lake-Delta (Compact Disc)

Paradise Beach-SMR (Download)

Paradise Beach-SMR (Compact Disc)

Stress Relief – Elation (Download)

Stress Relief – Elation (Compact Disc)


Subliminal Affirmations

Subliminal Assertiveness (Download)

Subliminal Assertiveness (Compact Disc)

Subliminal Anger Management (Download)

Subliminal Anger Management (Compact Disc)

Subliminal Self-Confidence (Download)

Subliminal Self-Confidence (Compact Disc)

Subliminal Self-Esteem (Download)

Subliminal Self-Esteem (Compact Disc)

Subliminal Positivity & Optimism (Download)

Subliminal Positivity & Optimism (Compact Disc)

Subliminal Wellness (Download)

Subliminal Wellness (Compact Disc)

Subliminal Procrastination (Download)

Subliminal Procrastination (Compact Disc)

Subliminal Stress Management (Download)

Subliminal Stress Management (Compact Disc)

Subliminal Worry, Anxiety, and Fear (Download)

Subliminal Worry, Anxiety, and Fear (Compact Disc)

EzyEnergy Series

Android Energy (Download)

Android Energy (Compact Disc)

Night Energy (Download)

Night Energy (Compact Disc)

Oceans of Energy (Download)

Oceans of Energy (Compact Disc)

Street Energy (Download)

Street Energy (Compact Disc)

Shades of Energy (Download)

Shades of Energy (Compact Disc)

Grounded Energy (Download)

Grounded Energy (Compact Disc)