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EzyEnergy & Motivation (Downloads)


Product Description

EzyEnergy Programs

EzyEnergy gets you into an invigorated “Zone” state very quickly for an awesome workout. And every time you use them they are teaching your brain to produce this zone-state more easily and quickly, eventually on demand for some people. Another benefit includes being able to sleep easier and deeper at night because the more time you spend in “uptime” beta-level brainwave patterns during the day, the easier it is to drop into the “downtime” trance of theta and delta level sleep

Even listening when you are not working out has benefits in that it stimulates blood flow in the brain which naturally helps to produce more energy because the blood carries both glucose and oxygen – the ingredients the brain uses to create and convert energy. By downloading these MP3 files you can listen on your your MP3 Player and other mobile devices without having to stream from the internet. You will also be able to use your earbuds or headphones. Take them everywhere you go and use them while you workout! To preview any of the EzyEnergy titles, just click on the orange button.

Each of the tracks listed below are 15 minutes in duration and they all utilize the same invigorating beta level isotronic beats to lead the brain into an energized and motivated state. The music is difference in each one because the brain also likes diversity and variation. There will one or two that you favor after a while.

EzyEnergy Tracks: (Click on a title to learn more about or purchase single tracks)

EzyEnergy Series BONUSES: When you download the entire series, along with the six titles in this collection you also get 4 bonus tracks; two for motivation and two I like to call “energizers.” These four are four use any time of day even when you are not working out and just want some extra energy, motivation, or focus. All of these tracks utilize the beta level brainwave beats in order to help stimulate beta level activity, thereby giving the brain its daily does of exercise. (Sorry, the bonuses not available with CD collections)

Kick your results into high gear: Compliment your EzyEnergy programs with the Healthy Living Weightloss Series (Hypnosis),

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