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Gentle Waves (Downloads)

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Product Description

Gentle Waves MP4 Video

Gentle Waves Video PREVIEW (Actual Time: 30 Minutes)

This downloadable program comes in three versions. Each include the same music, but one features theta brainwave entrainment beats which are designed to encourage theta brainwave activity ideal for meditation and deep relaxation. Another features the audio with video. And the third on is just the audio without Brainwave entrainment and/or video. Three versions provide a variety of choices to the listener.

  • MP3 Audio with Music & Sounds: For your iPod, Smartphone, or other MP3 player
  • MP3 Audio with Music, Sounds AND Brainwave Entrainment Beats: Also for your iPod, Smartphone, or other MP3 player
  • MP4 Video with Scenes, Music, Sounds and Brainwave Entrainment for your iPad, Kindle, Tablet, SmartPhone, or Desktop Computer