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Meditation Music Collection (Download)


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Meditation Music (Download)

The brain adapts to any environment we subject it to over a period of time. An “environment” can be external to the body as well as internal. This adaptation creates a familiar balance or “Steady-State” in the brain. Self talk, negative thinking, worrying thoughts, and chronic dissatisfaction are examples of things that create a stressful internal environment.  Constant bickering, money troubles, family issues, losses, too much work and not enough play are examples of external elements that create stress internally. Chronic stress occurs in the life of someone who has “adapted” to “running on over drive” and “burning the candle at both ends.” They don’t know how to NOT do that!

Turning off your brain is not possible, the harder you try to do that the more active it becomes. What you CAN do is “steer your brain” in the right direction by giving it something else to focus on, like self hypnosis, relaxation music, meditation, guided imagery – these are examples of the law of substitution spoken of by Emit Fox and Joseph Murphy to name a few. The Mediation Music collection gives your mind something else to do and teaches it to produce the brainwave activity associated with relaxation – very good for neurogenesis (brain growth.) 15 to 30 minutes a day can make the difference in health and productivity.

By downloading these MP3 files you can listen on your your MP3 Player and other mobile devices without having to stream from the internet. You will also be able to use your earbuds or headphones. Use them while you workout and to help you get to sleep at night! To preview any of the Meditation Music titles by Don Carter, just click on the orange button.

More Meditation Music Tracks: (Click on Titles to Preview, Learn More, or Purchase Single Tracks)

Additional Uses: You don’t have to get into a meditative posture in order to benefit from the Mediation Music Collection: These also make great office or waiting room backgrounds! especially in quiet settings, medical clinics, counseling centers, in staff lounges, and work centers just to name a few places. Productivity will increase as stress levels decrease. Health improves fast in people who spend time relaxing.

Get the Instant Relaxation Collection to Magnify Your Serenity!

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