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Mindful Awareness Collection



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Product Description

Mindful Awareness Collection

Mindful Awareness Collection: Some people feel too much and others say they can’t feel much at all. The Mindful Awareness programs here are a combination of NLP and Gestalt therapy Techniques design to promote the experience of emotions when connecting with feelings is difficult.

NLP & CBT Techniques to Manage Emotions: Dealing with triggers and flashbacks from Childhood is widely experienced by people who grew up in less than nurturing families. “Don’t Feel”, “Don’t Talk”, and Don’t Trust Rules lead to emotional illiteracy for many of us. These programs provide information and opportunities to practice and experience healthy emotional coping skills.

Thought Stopping: Obsessive thinking is intrusive, repetitive, and circular thinking that interferes with executive thinking making it difficult to employ helpful problem-solving and decision-making.  Thought Stopping is a time tested CBT technique used the interrupt obsessive thoughts. The programs below add NLP to CBT using the powers of visualization and other sensory channels to enhance the technique.