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Sands of Time (Downloads)

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Product Description

Sands of Time MP4 Video

Sands of Time Video PREVIEW (Actual Time: 30 min)

This downloadable program comes with three versions. Each include music and beach sounds> One version features theta brainwave entrainment beats (designed to encourage theta brainwave activity ideal for meditation and deep relaxation.) Another version features the music, beach sounds, and a video of the Sands of Time.

  • MP3 Audio with Music & Sounds: For your iPod, Smartphone, or other MP3 player
  • MP3 Audio with Music, Sounds AND Brainwave Entrainment Beats: Also for your iPod, Smartphone, or other MP3 player
  • MP4 Video with Scenes, Music, Sounds and Brainwave Entrainment for your iPad, Kindle, Tablet, SmartPhone, or Desktop Computer