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Thawing Toxic Relationships


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Thawing Toxic Relationships eBook & Paperback

Thawing Toxic Relationships is a book about healing and co-creating healthy, functional relationships for those who grew up in a dysfunctional family. If you relate to Don Carter’s Iceberg Model, would like to have a genuinely happy and functional relationship this book is for you! Abandonment issues, toxic shame, and/or angry outbursts can be triggered at anytime. Building healthy relationships, a skill that eludes most people who have been raised in a less-than-nurturing family, is the ultimate objective for Thawing Toxic Relationships. Awareness is 60% of change – action is the other 40%. Take action today; read this book and identify the origins of your relationship problems.

Thawing Toxic Relationships teaches intimacy skills which provide alternatives to psychological mind games. Without intimacy, authenticity, and assertiveness one cannot develop a healthy relationship. NOTE: It is very important to develop what I call a “safe container” in which to heal the relationship and co-create a new one. A safe container may consist of supportive friends & family, a 12-step group, a church group, a therapist, etc.

Read about the Cycle of Drama, the Chemistry of drama, how to save your marriage & improve communication, how to set & maintain healthy boundaries, How to be assertiveness, identify and interrupt relationship mind games (Distance and Pursuit games, the Punishment Cycle, the Drama Triangle – and why we play them). Gather the tools and skills necessary to overcome these and many other dysfunctional relationship patterns.

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The Thawing the Iceberg Series was launched in October 2011 with the release of Don’s first book, Thaw – Freedom from Frozen Feelings which became an ongoing bestseller on two weeks later. Thaw is the main book in the series while the other three branch off into specialized directions according to the goals of the reader. The three follow-ups to Thaw are primarily interactive workbooks that help the reader learn about and deal with their specific issues. Thawing Childhood abandonment Issues also has over 60 audios that are part of the program in the book.

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